Bellow you will find some of the projects I have worked on. Click the images for a larger version.

Rollup IMKOM
Plakatmal IMKOM
Infoflyer Bachelor våren 2019

Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo

I have previously been a part of multiple projects at the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. Amongst some are IMKOM, a social initative to improve the psychosocial environment for students, a recrutiment campaing for the Bachelor programme in media science, and making a infoflyer. 


IMKOM was a social initative by the department to improve the psychosocial environment for the students. The main goal was to create a informal meetingspace for students, and one of the most popular events became "waffelthuesday". Logo, rollup, and poster are designed by me

Recrutiment videos

To increase the number of applicants for the Bachelor and year-programme in media science in 2018, we produced 20 videoes with interviews of students, scientists and people working with a background from the department. The campaign increased the number of aplicants by 31%, and the number of people putting the Bachelor programme at first place by 48%.


The infoflyer was handed out at education fairs and school visits in spring 2019. It was mainly for those considering applying for a programme at the department, and to make them visit the website. Designed by me. 

Cold Response 2016

The exercise Cold Response where held in the middle of Norway in the winter of 2016. 15 000 participants from 14 nations participated, at land, sea and air. 

A folder was made to inform the local communities about the exercise, 40 000 copies where made and distributed by post. The main focus was to inform what was going to happen, contact information, and to draw people to the website for updated information. 

The folder was designed by me, using the Norwegian Armed Forces design guide, and pictures from their archive.

Norweagian ad for NATO

The Norwegian delegation to NATO in Norfolk USA wanted updated rull-ups to advertise for Norway. The hardest part during this project was to choose good pictures from the archive.


Balanzera – Pictures

Balanzera is a Norwegian hairdresser located in Oslo and Kvitseid. Other than being really good at hair, they also focus on green and environmentally friendly products. At multiple occasions  I've taken pictures for them, and here is some of them.